Vitamin sea is coming back in full force — with beach season right around the corner, this nautical-inspired accessory is here to hold down your wardrobe. Designed to do more than symbolize strength, Anchor Chains (sometimes called Mariner Chains), are no stranger to pulling their weight. Originally used by sailors in the 1800’s to help hold a ship securely in place, this unique chain takes the simplicity of a cable chain and fortifies it with a vertical support bar. Inherently strong and unintentionally stylish, this industrial advancement would soon leave its mark on both function and fashion. 

First sketched by Robert Dumas in the 1937, the initial jewelry-based incarnation of the Anchor Chain was depicted in a scaled down, dainty silhouette. The son-in-law of Hermès founder, Thierry Hermès, Dumas was struck by inspiration when he saw the chains anchoring ships along the coast of Normandy. One year later, in 1938, the Hermès brand would formally introduce their version of the Anchor Chain, the Chaîne d’Ancre, anointing the designs’ successful transition from labor to luxury. Produced first in a bracelet form and later expanding from jewelry into homeware and ready-to-wear, current Creative Director Pierre Hardy has called the iconic pattern “a permanent creative anchor”. While Hermès may have been the first in fine jewelry to translate this workhorse chain into wearable art, Gucci goes one step further with their variation.

Larger than life in everything they do, Gucci added their signature ‘umph’ to the utilitarian Anchor Chain. Transforming the profile of the design from literal and sleek to inflated and playful, the Puffed Mariner Chain became synonymous with the high-end fashion house. While the brand is best known for their more whimsical take on the original, the classic silhouette also has a sibling called the Maritime Chain that shares characteristics similar to Gucci’s emblematic horse-bit detail. A family affair that was built to last, this impactful staple continues to remain popular today both jewelry stores IRL and online jewelry stores alike.

Our advice for adding an Anchor Chain to your current rotation? Try a convertible necklace to customize your look like a pro — we love this one! The design gives you the freedom to wear it as a lariat, chain necklace, or wrap bracelet. Go for a gold chain if you want to pay homage to the Gucci-greats. Another option if you want to keep things classic is to opt for a bracelet like this. An elegant nod to the OG Hermès bracelet and its inception, this historic chain is an easy add to your jewelry box — and your cart. Tip from our team: get it in silver for the ultimate in French-girl find. Happy shopping xx