Marrin Costello is an American businesswoman + designer + brand architect. Her career as a creative began at age seven, after receiving a bead kit for Christmas.  Selling her creations at local San Francisco Bay Area craft faires and local boutique retailers while in grammar school, Costello's love for both business and fashion were realized at a very young age.

Less than a decade later, a childhood hobby has transformed into a global luxury lifestyle brand - with jewelry at its core.  While studying at the University of California, Los Angeles, Costello's collection was featured on American Idol — and a business was born.  Marrin Costello collections have since been featured in Vogue, Huffington Post, In Style, and US Weekly — and she has personally been recognized as a  lifestyle influencer, style icon, and tastemaker. 

While the MARRIN COSTELLO INC ® team is headquartered in Los Angeles, Costello travels the globe visiting the brand's retailers, collaborating with other businesses, and inspiring the upcoming collections.  And at the center of the company is a mission to help people feel fearless, fabulous, and like the best versions of themselves. 
T H E   M A R R I N   C O S T E L L O   M I S S I O N  ®
As a dynamic lifestyle brand, our mission is simple —
to strengthen confidence,
spur genuine connections, 
and build lasting relationships through conversation pieces.  
Because life’s the best when you feel your best.
T H E   B R A N D
We believe in socially responsible attainable luxury —
where the highest quality and best value are synonymous —
and decision-making is guided by our moral compass.
Because doing the right thing is always the best look.  
T H E   P R O D U C T
Designed locally + sourced globally —
Our objective is to create stylish, effortless pieces — with personality.  
Where design innovation mirrors the ever-evolving you.
Because when your inside matches your outside, you are unstoppable. 
All things MC come with three promises:
INTENTION — in purpose and design
EXCELLENCE — in quality and execution
COMMUNITY  — built through conversation pieces
T H E   E X P E R I E N C E
Infused at our core is a passionate commitment to exceed customer expectations.
Excellence, transparency, kindness, and humor are our non-negotiables.
After all — your smile is the best accessory.