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What is your history with LA?

It is hard to put into words how much Los Angeles means to me. It is the place in which I began my adulthood ten years ago after moving from Northern California to study at UCLA.  It is the place I am so proud to now call my home, in which I am constantly challenged and supported to become the best version of myself.  Los Angeles has shown me that truly anything is possible, as it is the land of the creative and the land of glass ceilings.  In a word, LA is magic. 


How did LA and Beverly Center tie into your early stages of your career.

The Beverly Center was integral in my early career — first as a freelance creative, and later as a business owner.  My first job out of college was with an event production company that partnered with LA-based department stores for in-store events — including Bloomingdales at the Beverly Center.   It was through that job that my jewelry collection was discovered, and I soon started producing events at the Beverly Center for my own brand.  


What is your history with Beverly Center?

My relationship with the Beverly Center began very soon after I graduated from UCLA.  Not only did I visit for work-related events, but I also popped in for my own shopping needs — as one of my first apartments in LA was only blocks away.  While my address has changed several times since then, the Beverly Center has proven to be both the most convenient, practical and efficient shopping mall — as it has, in my opinion, the most impressive variety of brands and price points.  If ever I am on a mission to find a particular item, I always have luck at the Beverly Center. 


What are your perceptions of LA being a fashion, art and architectural epicenter?

One of the most beautiful qualities about Los Angeles is the overwhelming encouragement to explore one’s creativity, and support in pursuing a career within the creative world.  There is no prototype for what an artist can create in Los Angeles.  Similarly, there is no dress code.  In fact, I see personal style and talent celebrated far more in LA than the adoption of trends.  Rather — as people are encouraged to truly be themselves and express their creativity through the many mediums within art and fashion, I would argue that trends are actually born in LA. 


Beverly Center is going through a transformation. How are you re-inventing yourself and evolving in your career and/or personal life?

While it is safe to say that both my brand and I are constantly evolving, the transformation of the Beverly Center is actually quite parallel to my most recent transformations.  Just as more light is being welcomed into the Beverly Center with a shift in architecture, I have also welcomed new opportunities by changing the structure of my business and personal life.  And as the Beverly Center has embraced the evolution of the shopping experience in Los Angeles, so too have I embraced being receptive to receiving new opportunities and ideas for both myself and my brand to continue growing, developing, and evolving. 


photography by JONES CROW