Our world is changing — but our north star has stayed the same.

As a dynamic lifestyle brand, our mission is simple —
to strengthen confidence,
spur genuine connections, 
and build lasting relationships through conversation pieces.  
Because life’s the best when you feel your best.
All of our products are now proudly created with sustainability in mind — to offer you the best quality + most beautiful + water-resistant + guilt free accessories — designed with love in the USA. 


We believe in socially responsible attainable luxury —
where the highest quality and best value are synonymous —
and decision-making is guided by our moral compass.
Because doing the right thing is always the best look.  


Designed locally + sourced globally —
Our objective is to create stylish, effortless pieces — with personality.  
Where design innovation mirrors the ever-evolving you.
Because when your inside matches your outside, you are unstoppable. 
All things MC come with three promises:
INTENTION — in purpose and design
EXCELLENCE — in quality and execution
COMMUNITY  — built through conversation pieces


Infused at our core is a passionate commitment to exceed customer expectations.
Excellence, transparency, kindness, and humor are our non-negotiables.
After all — your smile is the best accessory.
We believe in socially responsible, attainable luxury —
where the highest quality and best value are synonymous —
and decision-making is guided by our moral compass. 
Giving back to those in need remains at the top of our list — because doing the
right thing is always the best look.

Since before the global shift in 2020, we have felt not only compelled but inspired to connect and offer support to our community and beyond.  From organizations and charities to our customers and retail partners, our goal is to give a little extra love wherever we can.

We have worked to contribute conscious donations to a number of organization and causes: Downtown LA Women’s Center, Muscular Dystrophy Association, LA Regional Food Bank, National Domestic Violence Hotline, Project Angel Food, the Black Art Futures Fund, and all of our retail partners effected by Covid-19. 

It is so important for us to acknowledge that without our customers, these contributions would not be possible. We love you, we appreciate you and we are always here for you.  As both a gesture of gratitude to our loyal clientele and a way for us to continue releasing new + exciting + quality product during this time — we have created our famous Sample Sale to  offer even more value in accompanying our seasonal collection launches throughout the year.  

To our #CostelloBabe community — the heart and soul of the brand — thank you so much for your continued support.  We are here for you and in this together — every single step of the way.



Know of an organization that we can support?  Send us their info: hello@marrincostello.com