Ever heard the saying “life is what happens when you’re busy making plans”? Well, it’s safe to say that 2020 has been a crash course in the unpredictable for people all over the world. While it might feel like we are currently living in a sci-fi storyline, certainty is something people have been in search of since the dawn of time. Without a crystal ball to confirm our course and all of its respective answers, we’re left to make our own luck in most instances. Naturally, the people of the ancient world saw this as an opportunity to accessorize — and we are so here for it. 

For centuries, everyone from the chic to the superstitious has adorned themselves in jewels that kick the good vibes up a notch and keep the bad vibes at bay. A staple with roots of some form in every civilization, the good luck charm is a symbol in jewelry that’s synonymous with culture and comfort. While we at MC stan lady luck in all forms, two of our favorite symbols are the hamsa and evil eye.

Dating back to Mesopotamia and Carthage, the hamsa has multiple meaning based on positioning: if the fingertips are pointing up, its intent is to ward off evil, while fingertips facing down is said to bring happiness and good fortune. This OG symbol of abundance and protection has been outfitting people for nearly 6,000 years across a multitude of cultures and religions— showing that, among many things, what makes us so different from one another also makes us very much the same. 

Similar to the hamsa, the evil eye is also an accessory that acts as a multi-cultural good luck charm. Born in the Mesopotamian era, the “evil eye” stems from a curse by the same name. The symbol we know today was created to protect wearers from the curse, which is cast by envious eyes. With a rich heritage in Greece, the Mediterranean, and Egypt alike, along with organized religion, it is no surprise that we often see evil eye and hamsa iconography pictured together (i.e. the evil eye placed in the center of the hamsa). No matter the origin, these emblems have maintained their popularity in the ever-evolving jewelry industry over thousands of years. 

Consistent with the understanding that thoughts become things, it’s easy to see how the belief in better days might actually help create them. And while these jewels don’t necessarily guarantee a good outcome, they most certainly help to promote a hopeful mindset.  However -- in the event the law of attraction states that us plus cute jewels, in fact, equals luck, then we are here to abide. Here’s to good vibes, getting lucky, and looking good doing it.  xx



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