With the Marrin Costello Jewelry sustainability initiative, we believe in honoring transparency, authenticity, and sustainability — with a moral compass. 
As a women-owned small business, we have set a goal to reduce our carbon footprint within all facets of our operations — so that our environmental impact is as kind and minimal as possible in the present whilst we create beautiful products for you to enjoy and share for generations.  Not only do we use best practices throughout the entire company practice [both internal + customer facing] — but now, with every product purchased from Marrin Costello Jewelry — a tree is planted.  Grow with us to decrease our carbon footprint as our company expands! 


Now crafted with an environmentally conscious stainless steel base, Marrin Costello Jewelry is here to leave a lasting impression. We source our products from manufacturers that are in compliance with local and national laws, respect the natural environment, and uphold the respect and safety of their workers. 


We make a conscious effort to make sure as many products as possible from our packaging are crafted from compostable + biodegradable + re-usable materials.  


Any product that does not meet our quality control standards is offered to our customers at a heavily discounted price during our sample sales, donated to local charities, or used in collaboration with other brands for gifts with purchase and giveaways. 
If you have any suggestions on how we can continue improve our carbon footprint, please email us: