The history of fashion can be earmarked by one action — storytelling. Transforming cyclical patterns into endless iterations of personal expression, trends have the unique ability to represent the present through a rebirth of the past. In the words of Harry S. Truman, “there is nothing new in this world except the history you do not know.” With roots that range from 2500 BC to the 90’s, one of the most sought-after chains of today has embodied so many yesterday’s — the Rope Chain. 

Used early on in mixed-metal compositions, the classic rope chain design resembles a strand of rope and features a distinctive helix-style twist. Originally crafted in slimmer styles, Italian jewelers opted for a dainty and eye-catching version that featured diamond cut faceting (similar to our Helix Layers), while layering the Rope Chain was beloved in turn of the century Russia. With popularity in its DNA, this chain has had success no matter the place, scale, time, or detail. Arguably the “it” chain of hip hop culture in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the oversized Rope Chain dominated as the heavy hitter — blowing up in popularity + size. Statement-making and expressive, just like the artists who rocked them, this larger-than-life accessory was the perfect parallel. Similar to the iconic Cuban link chain — size matters. Transforming from a chameleon to a cultural emblem that couldn’t be ignored, the Rope Necklace was dubbed the “Dookie Chain”. 

Continuing to crop up on modern-day rappers like Kanye West over a decade later, this chain’s impact on fashion is impressive, regardless of its name. Looking to add an icon to your wardrobe? Start with the basics. Do you prefer bold jewelry or understated? While all of our jewelry is built to last, keep in mind that scale will add to the strength of your Rope Chain necklace. Feeling linked to both styles? Go for a layered look like a vintage-pro! After all, “more is more” was the motto of the greats who popularized this chain. Pro-tip: play up the retro vibes by going for one gold necklace and one silver. This classic mixed metal moment stands up to the test of time and gives you the best of both worlds. 

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